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Creature Caster Preview The Writhing Glutton Demon

207 days ago 13

Stomping his way into existence the folks at Creature Caster previewed their Glutton Demon, an upcoming monster for their rather excellent range.

Creature Caster Paint Up The Wonderful Treewalker

501 days ago 14

Creature Caster are moving towards production and have been building and painting their models from Kickstarter. The latest of these is the Treewalker which you can see below looking superb…

Creature Caster’s Dragon Gets Possessed & Becomes A Reality

751 days ago 7

Creature Caster have been showing off one of the final models for their Kickstarter which was looking to bring a series of huge monsters to your gaming table. This time around they got a look at the Possessed Dragon which is all writhing tentacles and twisted claws…

Creature Caster Vulture Demon Takes Shape & Flies Off To Painters!

919 days ago 10

Creature Caster finish the resin master of their massive Vulture Demon and set it loose to be painted by some skilled craftsman! I wonder what our very own Romain would think of this one?

Creature Caster Riderless Dragons

Three Riderless Dragons Are Finished By Creature Caster

948 days ago 14

Creature Caster have put together some finalised designs for their Riderless Dragons.

Creature Caster Show Off Their Possessed Dragon!

963 days ago 4

Creature Caster show off another bit of work-in-progress in the form of their Possessed Dragon!

Creature Caster Preview Their Deadly Looking Demons

1031 days ago 7

See what Creature Caster have been up to as they show off some more preview prints of their big demon miniatures. Some really nice detail going on here!

Creature Caster Continue Work Pruning Their Treewalker

1082 days ago 6

Creature Caster show off the work that’s going into making their deadly Treewalker a reality. This is going to look very awesome once it’s made into model form!

Creature Caster Possess Their Latest Dragon Miniature

1202 days ago 11

Creature Caster bring another miniature to their amazing monstrous Kickstarter!

Creature Caster’s Kickstarter Unleashes More Monsters!

1205 days ago 6

See what creatures from the dark side Creature Caster have dragged up for their remaining nine days on Kickstarter!

The Creature Caster Kickstarter Heads To The Woods

1212 days ago 1

See what the woods have to offer when Creature Caster unlock their Tree Woman sculpt at the next stretch goal!

The Creature Caster First Wave Fundraiser Kicks Off

1216 days ago 14

Unleash both Dragon Fire and Hellfire with the new creatures from the Creature Caster which is now on Kickstarter!

Amazing Creature Caster Coming To Kickstarter

1310 days ago 14

Ultraforge creator turns to Creature Creation with his new company that will be coming to Kickstarter soon.