Critical Mass Games Upscale Their Ayame Battlesuits To 30mm!

November 25, 2014 by brennon

Critical Mass Games have hit Kickstarter with a campaign to upscale their popular 15mm Ayame Battlesuits to the impressive scale of 30mm!

15mm Ayame Suits

30mm Prototypes

The first image is some of the existing 15mm versions of the Ayame Battlesuits and below them are the prototype renders for the 30mm version that will be towering over your battlefield with some rather awesome looking weapon choices. The one with the claws is definitely my favourite.

As well as funding the production of the Battlesuits they are also looking to add a few units of Protolene Infantry to the pledges if they get enough money.

Will you be looking to get yourself some rather awesome looking Battlesuits?

Do you have the 15mm versions?