The Hounds of Tindalos Come Stalking Forth from Fenris

October 2, 2014 by dracs

Fenris Games are currently working on a new sculpt that will feature in the game Cthulhu Wars, the monstrous inter-dimensional hunters known as the Hounds of Tindalos.

Hound of Tindalos

Hound of Tindalos

Hound of Tindalos

These creatures, descended from the angles of time, pursue their prey throughout space and time. Capable of materialising anywhere where there is a corner, these might be some of the strangest creatures in the Cthulhu Mythos, but are no less terrifying as their abilities and persistance mean there can be no escape 0nce you come to their attention.

This model will be an expansion for Cthulhu Wars, but will only be available through the upcoming Tentacles and Teeth Kickstarter, run by the man behind the great art and concept designs of the game, Richard Luong.

Hounds of Tindalos Concept

Luong has come up with a highly imaginative design for these notoriously indescribable beasts and Fenris have done a great job in turning this into a miniature. I particularly like the way it is sculpted emerging from cloying smoke that has filled a corner, a nice way of showing their sinister abilities to turn up at any angle.

Are these Hounds of Tindalos going to catch your scent?