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Paranoid Reveals Concepts For The Order Of The Enlightened Path

347 days ago 2

Not only is Salute this Saturday, but Paranoid Miniatures is launching their Lovecraftian Kickstarter, Mythos! Come see the Paranoid guys and their amazing artist, Shane Cook, as they run demos and share the madness of their new game.

Paranoid Miniatures Give Exclusive Look at Lovecraftian Sea Queen

723 days ago 15

The horror of H. P. Lovecraft is once again coming to the tabletop as Paranoid Miniatures seek to turn his terrors into an atmospheric skirmish game.

Take Achtung! Cthulhu To A New & Hellish Place With 19.40

785 days ago Comments Off

See how Achtung! Cthulu has evolved into something new with Interface 19.40 which gives you plenty of different options for making the enemies of the Allies harder to kill and more menacing!