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Customeeple Design Up A New Fat Yuan Yuan Objective Set

110 days ago 4

With the arrival of the Fat Yuan Yuan set soon for the world of Infinity, Customeeple put together an Objective Set which is themed around him.

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

284 days ago 59

Take The Transdimensional Express Throughout Malifaux

292 days ago 8

How does one get about in the steampunk world of Malifaux? By the Transdimensional Express of course!

Customeeple Reveal New Malifaux Terrain, Bases & Tokens!

353 days ago 9

Come and explore the extensive range of new Malifaux Terrain, Bases & Tokens by Customeeple!

Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce

Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce

480 days ago 263

Customeeple’s New Terrain Takes You To A Creepy Carnival

483 days ago 10

Customeeple have added some more terrain to their line-up of kits as well as a lot of support for the world of Malifaux. Kicking things off we have their creepy Carnival which includes some rather lovely pieces…

Mantic Team Up With Customeeple On Kings Of War Terrain

607 days ago 36

Mantic Games have been working with Customeeple to create a range of different terrain for use in Kings Of War. See what you think of their Mine and Tavern…

Customeeple Partner With Wyrd To Produce Malifaux Themed Pieces

622 days ago 4

If you’re looking for terrain to dress up your Malifaux table, then Customeeple has you covered! Customeeple and Wyrd Miniatures announced a new partnership today for a line of terrain and tokens for the world of Malifaux.

Get Set For An Infinity Deathmatch Thanks To Customeeple

685 days ago 5

Customeeple are getting you ready for a bit of a deathmatch, an Infinity deathmatch to be precise. Their new set contains all the Ammo Drop Markers & Upgrades you’ll need plus Respawn Locations for a full on first-person shooter style fight.

Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!

Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!

714 days ago 13

This week in Infinity Arachne we’re looking at
the kind of tokens you need for your games of
Infinity and where to get them.

There’s quite a variety out there so come and
have a look at some basics and maybe more
advanced options too…

Customeeple Set Up A USAriadna Outpost For Infinity

750 days ago 22

Customeeple are helping to develop the world of Infinity with some new terrain focused on the USAriadna faction we’re looking at this week. Their new terrain sets include the Underground Complex and Army Boxes which give you quite the objective to fight over…

Giraldez and Customeeple Team Up to For Yu-Jin Bases

946 days ago 0

Customeeple have come out with a new set of Yu-Jing base tops that have been designed (and painted) by Infinity’s own painting master Angel Giraldez.

Customeeple Litter Infinity’s Rooftops With New Terrain

1002 days ago 2

Customeeple have some new terrain pieces coming out this October with which to litter the rooftops of Infinity and give your models some cover from enemy snipers as they fight out above the city streets.

Customeeple Put Together Infinity Opertion Icestorm Token Pack!

1080 days ago 6

See what you think of this new deluxe token pack for Operation: Icestorm from Customeeple!