Customeeple Set Up A USAriadna Outpost For Infinity

July 7, 2015 by brennon

Customeeple are helping to develop the world of Infinity with some new terrain focused on the USAriadna faction we’re looking at this week. Their new terrain sets include the Underground Complex and Army Boxes which give you quite the objective to fight over…

Underground Complex

This building is made with a massive pair of towers which no doubt house fuel, water or something else vital to a wilderness outpost. You also get the access way into the Complex at the base and a great platform at the top for elevated sniping.

Underground Complex #1

Underground Complex #2

Weirdly enough the actual tanks/towers don’t appear to come in the set and are actually Pringles tubes. According to the information included with the entry (see link above) you have to use these to complete the building. Hopefully you’ll be able to find those kind of tubes at your local store.

Crates For Cover

As well as the larger Outpost you also have something smaller to give you cover on the tabletop. See what you think of these bulky looking Army Boxes that are also probably filled with supplies.

Army Boxes

These are some nice chunky looking boxes that have a very purposeful Ariadna feel to them. A few of these littered around the battlefield can give you some much needed cover.

Would you use these for your games?

"Weirdly enough the actual tanks/towers don't appear to come in the set and are actually Pringles tubes..."