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Dark Age Preview More Malignant Miniatures

Two new sculpts will soon be heading into Dark Age and have just appeared on their Facebook.

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November 21 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Dark Age Preview Artwork For The Deadly Salt Nomads

The world of Dark Age is struck by another new faction coming your way in the shape of the Salt Nomads. See what you think of this first piece of artwork showing them off!

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November 18 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Warknights & Robots Gather For Dark Age This November!

Dark Age present some more awesome looking miniatures for their post apocalyptic world. Check out ace the Warknights are looking!

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November 12 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Dark Age Preview Another Hulking Monster Miniature!

Dark Age get themselves a new website and then start to preview another massive beast for their world of grim post-apocalyptic horror.

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October 28 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

New Dark Age Fanatacism Book & Battle Report To Enjoy!

Check out some of the upcoming rulebook and card content for Dark Age and Fanaticism alongside a battle report between the CORE and the new Prevailers!

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October 8 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Check Out Dark Age Games’ Awesome October Haul!

Dark Age Games show off their brilliant looking miniatures that will be gracing your tabletop this month!

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October 2 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Deadly & Twisted Mech Constructs Previewed For Dark Age!

The world of Dark Age is filled with awesome miniatures and the latest crop seem to be focused towards the mechanical and the terrifying. See what you think of these mechs!

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September 12 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Dark Age Head Off Into The Heat Of The Desert Next

Dark Age is heading off into the desert with some new miniatures and the potential of a neat supplement too?

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August 24 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Hobby Lab: Easy Made Scenery Pallets

Hobby Lab: Easily Made Pallet Scenery!

In the grim dark future there are only old wooden pallets to protect you!

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August 18 2014 Backstage Bolt Action Dark Age Dust Tactics Featured Hobby Lab Painting & Hobby SciFi Warhammer 40K Warpath

Dark Age Join The Gen Con 2014 Pre-Release Madness!

Dark Age have also got aboard the hype train for Gen Con 2014 and have announced their full list of pre-release miniatures that will be available at the event!

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August 6 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

The CORE & Slavers Take Over Dark Age This Month

Dark Age have announced their releases for this month and it looks like both the CORE and the Slavers are getting a look in this time around. Which faction is your favourite?

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August 4 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Dark Age Spoil Us With Spoilers of Archangel Raphael’s Stats

Dark Age has been showing off a load of cool minis recently and have just put out a new preview of the stat cards for the awesome upcoming Archangel Raphael.

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July 23 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

More Heroes Follow The Fanaticism Of Dark Age

Dark Age is adding more followers to that of Fanaticism with a brilliant looking Grand Templar and a pair of Archangels swopping down to instill some redemption on you heathens.

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July 22 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Dark Age Fanaticism Is Coming! His Will Be Done!

Unleash the power of God on your enemies with the coming of Fanaticism to the world of Dark Age. Will you be on the side of righteousness?

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July 17 2014 Dark Age News SciFi

Preview More Miniatures For The Grim Future Of Dark Age!

See what you make of these awesome new miniature previews for the world of Dark Age. New factions (sub-factions) and more get the new and shiny treatment.

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July 15 2014 Dark Age News SciFi