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Expand Your St Issac Force In Dark Age With Captain Cora & More

4 hours ago 4

The Dark Age crew have a big bundle of new miniatures making their way to retailers this week. These squads and characters help build on the Saint Issac faction.

A New Hulking Monster Stomps Into Dark Age

10 days ago 8

The folks behind Dark Age have shared a rather awesome image of this creature, a deadly mess of metal coming to the tabletop soon. See what you think…

Saint Issac & His Followers Join Dark Age Thanks To CoolMiniOrNot

16 days ago 6

The Forsaken have renewed vigour as Saint Isaac is joined on the battlefields of Dark Age by his Ajax and Prometheus brethren. See what you make of the models below which I think are some of the best looking for the range so far…

Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic

Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic

52 days ago 362

On today’s Weekender we’re
taking a look at some awesome
Battle Systems Terrain,
keeping you in the know
and Warpath 2.0
Different game scales.

Dark Age Bring More Warriors To The Wastelands

55 days ago 8

Dark Age have some more releases for the month of October. Leading the charge is going to be Saint Mark who comes on foot and mounted atop quite an awesome looking beast…

Start Killing With Style Thanks To A Dark Age Preview

76 days ago 4

Dark Age have shown off another new model on the horizon and they’ve described her as being a master of death in motion. See what you think of her with swords drawn and a mask that is certainly more terrifying than practical…

Strange Constructs & Squads For Dark Age In September

86 days ago 15

Dark Age gets some impressive new models for September including weird constructs of impressive design and some new squads of troopers for various factions. See what you think…

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

129 days ago 112

We’ve got loads for you this
weekend including a
deeper look at
DreadBall AND
preparations for
Gen Con 2015!

Stunning New Forsaken Minis Available For Dark Age At Gen Con

132 days ago 5

Man, Woman and Beast are beautifully represented in the Forsaken faction releases for Dark Age at Gen Con. Stop by the CoolMiniOrNot booth to pick up the latest releases for the game.

Dark Age Go Crusading With The Forces Of Saint John

136 days ago 7

Dark Age have even more awesome stuff to show off ahead of their appearance at Gen Con in a few weeks. The Forces of Saint John are next with their enigmatic leader going into battle atop quite the mechanical beast…

Corral Dust Bulls With Dark Age This July

144 days ago 3

Dark Age have decided that it’s time to go and get the cattle in from the dust bowl this July. The latest releases are both the Dust Bull and Nomad Herders who you will no doubt encounter out in the wasteland…

The Fifth Saint Gets Revamped Model For Dark Age

151 days ago 4

A revamped model is coming out for Dark Age, the Fifth Saint, called Saint Johann. See what you think of the new model alongside his stat cards which give you an indication of how he works on the battlefield…

June Brings Descent Into The Wasteland For Dark Age

182 days ago 5

If it’s a Mad Max kind of theme you fancy, then you should definitely check out the miniature game, Dark Age. June is seeing some fantastic new additions to the motley crews for the game, including the Salt Nomads, The Slavers and The CORE.

Weekender XLBS: How Do You Get Mad Max On The Tabletop?

Weekender XLBS: How Do You Get Mad Max On The Tabletop?

184 days ago 174

Happy Sunday! Welcome to The
Weekender XLBS where we’re
talking about all things
post-apocalyptic and
wasteland-like in the
wake of so many people
checking out the
new Mad Max film…

Ride Into Battle With The Harbingers Of Divine Wrath For Dark Age

193 days ago 4

The Harbingers of Divine Wrath have sent another messenger to the world of Dark Age with a look at this rather awesome rider atop a winged steed. See what you think of her…