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Ride Into Battle With The Harbingers Of Divine Wrath For Dark Age

7 days ago 4

The Harbingers of Divine Wrath have sent another messenger to the world of Dark Age with a look at this rather awesome rider atop a winged steed. See what you think of her…

Dark Age’s New Monster Has Quite The Sting In The Tail

10 days ago 2

See what kind of monster was uncovered in the sands of the wasteland by Dark Age.

Renders and Sculpts Promise New Minis in Dark Age

14 days ago 2

Dark Age is set to get some new miniatures as a number of previews have just been unveiled.

Bounty Hunters Mark The May Releases For Dark Age

26 days ago 7

The Bounty Hunters of Dark Age are the newest additions to the line up and all of these will be available in May. See what you think of the expansive collection…

Stick Blades Everywhere & Start Slicing With Dark Age’s Frenzied

46 days ago 2

There are blades everywhere when it comes to what Dark Age have in store with their Frenzied.

Blood Abominations & Burly Brutes New This Month For Dark Age

57 days ago 7

Power up your insane Blood Abomination machines and get the Brutes armed with their rams made of concrete in a new set of releases from Dark Age.

A Warrior Readies Her Many Blades For Combat In Dark Age

75 days ago 4

Never run with scissors, or blades, or anything sharp really. I don’t think this lady took that advice for Dark Age!

March Releases Bring Salt Nomads Into the Outcasts For Dark Age

84 days ago 5

March is bringing Salt Nomads into the Outcasts for Dark Age. Five new releases for this month are ready to enter the battle with a new stat card set to get you up to speed on these new faces!

Head to TempleCon to Get the First Look at Dark Age: Outcasts!

112 days ago 5

Those of you who are heading to TempleCon should think about heading over to the Dark Age stall as they will be bringing with them the new Dark Age: Outcasts full army book!

Does Dark Age Trailer Tempt You to Play Something Dangerous?

124 days ago 10

Cool Mini or Not have come out with a hard rocking trailer on their YouTube channel for the apocalyptic game of Dark Age daring you to play something dangerous!

The Saints Go Marching On For Dark Age

139 days ago 6

Dark Age shows us some more releases for January.

Dark Age Aim True With Dedlock The Faceless Killer

143 days ago 9

See what Dark Age have been showing off with their new miniature preview for Dedlock. If you want to have someone shot then she seems like the perfect person to hire.

Dark Age Extend the Hand of War

145 days ago 3

A new miniature has appeared in Dark Age for the Nomads, a mysterious masked figure named the Hand of War.

Dark Age Bring the Brutes Their New Stat Cards

146 days ago 2

New stat cards continue to appear for the units of Dark Age. This time we see the muscle of the Outcasts as we get our first look at the Brutes’ reworked card.

A Familiar Face Draws His Blades Again in Dark Age

150 days ago 2

It seems that some familiar faces are returning to Dark Age having undergone a bit of a rules reworking, starting with the appearance of the new stat card for Blades.