The CORE Are Coming!

October 8, 2012 by dracs

They are finally here! Among the various new minis Dark Age are releasing this month there is one who’s presence has been long awaited. The CORE Starter Box Set!

Dark Age - CORE Warband

It is great to finally see these fearsome robots all together and hopefully their release this month will spark off a whole new group of budding CORE generals wanting to take over the world.

Of course, if you aren’t after the CORE then there are plenty of other cool new releases coming out this October:

Dark Age - Phadras and Maximo

Dark Age - Dragyri Spirit Lord of the Aircaste

Dark Age - Abomination

Dark Age - Bolas

That’s not including the new Dark Age supplement which has just been released, detailing the rules for the CORE and much more besides, Dark Age: Devastation.

Dark Age Devestation

October definitely looks to be a “dark” month, with Dark Age releases so horrifying even the Saw film franchise will say “I say that’s a bit much isn’t it?”

What Dark Age factions do you use? Will any of these be a useful addition to your warband?

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