CORE Machines & Fire Caste Warriors For Dark Age This April

April 23, 2014 by brennon

Dark Age are continuing the love for two of their newer factions with the release of some more warriors and machines for both the CORE and the Fire Caste. See what you think of them below…

Recovery Bot

First we have the Recovery Bot for the CORE that will most likely be running around the battlefield fixing up its friends. I like that they’ve crafted it to look a lot more spindly showing its less combat focuses role.



Brimstone (Female)

The Fire Caste are swiftly becoming a favourite faction due to their neat looking miniatures and they seem to be continuing the theme with this latest trio. I’m a big fan of Rath’zhi who reminds me of the Protoss from StarCraft.

Do you think you’ll be picking these up for Dark Age?

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