Dark Age Dragyri Get a Bit of Wind

July 12, 2012 by dracs

Dark Age Games have previewed some new miniatures which will be appearing for the Dragyri Air Caste at the end of July. Check out this series of blustery elementals.

Dark Age - Squalls

Dark Age - Zephyrs

Dark Age - Greater Storm Elemental

Wielding the power of thunder, lightning and wind these elementals are sure to bring some seriously rainy days to your opponents.

I rather like these sculpts, the swirling and often disjointed look of them really helps to convey the sense of them being chaotic and immaterial. The large size of the Greater Storm Elemental contrasts well with the other minis. They convey well the differences in the manner of weather they embody.

Do these elementals catch your fancy? What do you think it could be like facing them in Dark Age?

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