Dark Age Preview the Bringers of Mesoamerican Mayhem!

December 12, 2012 by dracs

Dark Age have started showing off some artwork of the upcoming Kukulkani faction which will soon be joining the post-apocalyptic setting.

Kukulkani - Honored Dead

Powered by advanced technology crystalline skulls that contain centuries of skill and knowledge, the Honored Dead are the reanimated bodies of valiant Kukulkani Warriors. This transformation turns an already deadly fighter into a tougher, unfeeling killing machine with iron-hard talons and a fiery gaze that melts flesh from bone…

Kukulkani - AhChuhKa

One of the most prestigious phases in a Kukulkani Warrior’s path to enlightenment, the Ah’Chuy’Kak (pronounced aah-choy-cahk) is a massive titan of augmented flesh and advanced technology. Their bio-energy fueled cannons lay waste to enemy formations, hurling surging spheres of fusion made from the essence of sacrificed lives over great distances. When the Ah’Chuy’Kak are on the march, anything that stands in their way would be wise to tremble…

Kukulkani - War Priest

The spiritual and technological link between the Kukulkani and their Coatl master, the War Priests are amongst the highest ranking officers in the Crusade. Their internal modifications and augmentations make them part of the technomantic network that links the Kukulkani devices together, allowing them to funnel sacrificed bio-energy to create some very interesting and powerful battlefield ritual sorceries…

From the look of these artwork the Kukulkani will have a great aesthetic which will separate them from the more “standard” post-apocalyptic look of most of the other factions present in Dark Age.

The mention of sacrificial bio-energy is particularly intriguing and I really want to see how it would work. Is it simply that the Kukulkani will grow stronger as they kill the opposition?

If you have any thoughts about this latest faction be sure to drop us a comment below.

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