Face Your Sins With New Dark Age Releases For April

April 15, 2016 by brennon

The releases for April have now popped up from CoolMiniOrNot for Dark Age and they have some rather fantastic sculpts on the way for you this month. We’ll kick things off with the Inquisitor before checking out the Grey Lady and The Furies…


If you’re looking for someone with an accusatory wagging finger then this Inquisitor fits the bill. Another fantastic sculpt which creates this really threatening Sci-Fi character with just enough of the Fantasy about his style.


“Brought up from the ranks of the Sin-Eaters, the Inquisitors are Saint Joan’s form of the old Witch-Finders. In battle, they dress like their Saint, wearing jet-black armor, and fight with a modified flamethrower/sword.

With a simple press of a button, an already terrible wound can quickly be modified with flame. The Inquisitors have no fear in battle, and the pain of their foes fuels them.”

I like the idea of these loyal followers walking in the wake of their Saint and burning away the sin from the opposition with cleansing flame. Witch Hunters have always been an interesting style of character to use in tabletop games with their penchant for fire.

The Grey Lady

While she might seem like a cup of cool water on a hot day compared to the Inquisitor The Grey Lady is no less dangerous on the battlefield.

The Grey Lady

“The legend of the Grey Lady continues to this day in New Ashkelon. Once known as the fighter Miriam Crowdon, the Grey Lady wields the dangerous bloodsword that feeds on its victims.

However, if its appetite is not sated, the nanobots in the host’s blood will turn against her. The Grey Lady only appears during times of great need, but when she does, those on the other side of her sword better watch out.”

Yep, you read that right. She has a sword that feeds on the blood of her enemies. I wonder if The Grey Lady is entirely evil or has she simply been bound into service and now finds herself in this perpetual state of bloodshed she can’t escape.

The Furies

Last but not least we have these dangerous looking fighters with an array of rather cool looking weapons in their hands. Welcome The Furies

The Furies

“Strengthen the might of your Saint Joan army by recruiting The Furies. Picked from the worst-of-the-worst of New Ashkelon’s women prisoners, The Furies act as the Saint’s punishment on all wicked souls.

The more they kill in her name, the closer the Furies are to atonement. When not killing in her name, they act as Saint Joan’s bodyguards.”

Saint Joan is certainly seemingly like a really awesome pick if you’re interested in snapping up a new army. I love the look of these models – doing woman warriors right – and they have so much character. I think I could have a lot of fun with this faction.

Burn the heretics!

"Yep, you read that right. She has a sword that feeds on the blood of her enemies..."

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