Gen Con will be plunged into a Dark Age!

August 2, 2011 by beerogre

Dark Age are set to make a big splash at Gen Con. They have a brand new faction to launch… the Outcast… and the release of their Forces Book.

Check out the minatures that are due to premier at the convention!

I’m particularly taken by the Outcast, if you watched our Dark Age Spotlight video, you’ll hear me wax lyrical about big concrete blocks with spikes in ‘em.

What do you guys think of Dark Age?

We’re going to get Adam to visit their booth at Gen Con 2011 and try to get a look at the Immortal Tournament that running.

If you’re intersted in discussing Dark Age, remember there’s a Dark Age Hub here on Beasts of War… just click the logo below to go there and talk post-apocalyptic mayhem!

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