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Delve In A New Dungeon With Secret Weapon’s Tablescape Kickstarter


Delve deep into Secret Weapon’s new Tablescape Dungeon Mines in search of treasure and more!

Secret Weapon Announces Tablescapes: Dungeon Mines Kickstarter


If you were ever considering exploring dungeon mines in your adventuring, then you need to keep your eye out for the latest KS from Secret Weapon, Reaper and Dark Art Miniatures. July 25th will be the launch date for their new Tablescapes Duneons: Mines!

Creepy New Tomb Bases From Dark Art Miniatures


Dark Art Miniatures is proudly showing off their new themed, Tomb Bases and they look pretty awesome! The detail is very good and captures all the creepy goodness a tomb may offer.

New Urban Bases For Your Mini’s From Dark Art Miniatures


Dark Art Miniatures just released 2 new urban bases, one HUGE oval base and another 40mm Hero Base. If you are looking for an awesome ruined effect for your table, these will surely answer that call.