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DarkOps Dark History Range Gets A Dice Tower & More Ruins

3 days ago 3

DarkOps have put together three new pieces of 28mm terrain which would be great for use in Historical and Fantasy games. Take a look at what they’re offering up for the Dark History collection.

Dark Ops Show Off Upcoming Star Saga Game Tiles

21 days ago 28

As part of the upcoming Star Saga Kickstarter campaign Dark Ops are going to be providing some new tiles for use in Mantic Games’ Sci-Fi dungeon crawler.

DarkOps Set Sail With Their New Frigate, Sea Wolf

42 days ago 15

If you’re looking for a seaworthy vessel to take you out onto the ocean then see what you think of DarkOps new Frigate called Sea Wolf.

Dark Ops Take Another Ship Out Onto Their Dark Seas

88 days ago 7

Dark Ops have added another excellent looking new ship to their Dark Seas range. See what you think of this magnificent ship which is just begging to be used in many a Fantasy and Historical game.

Steam Around In The Fleet Of Iron From DarkOps Terrain

119 days ago 4

DarkOps continue to impress on the high seas with their Ironclad – Fleet of Iron ship collection which is available over on their webstore.

Dark Ops Set Sail With New Ships For Fantasy & Historical Games

133 days ago 19

Dark Ops have added some new sets to their range allowing you to take to the high seas. They have focused on both the Dark Ages and the Golden Age of Sail with their ships this time around.

Craft A Ruined City With Dark Ops’ Iceheim Portals

184 days ago 8

Dark Ops have been creating some nice piece of terrain for a while now and one set that caught my eye lately was their Iceheim Portal Set which gives you an array of archways for use in your ruined cities.