DarkOps Dark History Range Gets A Dice Tower & More Ruins

October 18, 2016 by brennon

DarkOps have put together three new pieces of 28mm terrain which would be great for use in Historical and Fantasy games. Take a look at what they’re offering up for the Dark History collection…

Church Dice Tower

First up we have a piece that isn’t truly a terrain piece but could well be. This Church Dice Tower is a novel piece which would be good when included amidst the rest of your terrain on the tabletop. A hidden dice roller which you can use that doesn’t spoil the overall appearance of the tabletop is neat!

I like the addition of the gravestones in the base which will continue to knock and buffet the dice.

Ruined Terrain

Following on from that we have some actual ruins starting with the Village Church Ruin which has fallen into disrepair.

Village Church Ruin

It looks like the building has seen better days, the walls crumbling away and huge sections of it blasted apart. Maybe there was some strange magical explosion that rocked it or raiders burned it to the ground?

The different textures present here from the larger stonework to the brick, and the tiled roof give you plenty to get stuck into detail-wise.

A Town House Ruin also joins the collection to help bring this destroyed settlement to life.

Town House Ruin

Once again this has been utterly destroyed, the roof and most of the upper floor blasted apart. We’d need to get stuck in there with some of our scree and rubble to tell a bit of a story here.

What do you think of these kits?

"A hidden dice roller which you can use that doesn't spoil the overall appearance of the tabletop is neat!"