Dark Ops Set Sail With New Ships For Fantasy & Historical Games

June 11, 2016 by brennon

Dark Ops have added some new sets to their range allowing you to take to the high seas. They have focused on both the Dark Ages and the Golden Age of Sail with their ships this time around. We kick things off with their Large Sail Ship

Ship (Full)

This ship is in 28mm scale and comes with two masts which you can rig up with some sails. It also has room for room for twelve cannons below deck and six cannons up top.

You can also get a Fantasy Boat which is a lot smaller than this one with a stunning and highly detailed rear. This could be good for your frozen rivers in Frostgrave and when you’re heading to see in Man O’ War (if you’re still into the classics).

Ship (Detail)

As well as the ship we also turn towards the Dark Ages with this Viking Longboat complete with a stunning Dragon Head at the prow of the ship.

Viking Longship (Full)

As you can see it’s quite the amazing looking piece complete with plenty of oars, shields on the sides and bunched up sails. It certainly looks the part as a raiding vessel.

Viking Longship (Dragon Head)

The Dragon Head I mentioned atop the prow is fantastic. I like the roaring design and the way the design has been cut into the wood makes it look like how it would have been at the time.

What do you think?

"It certainly looks the part as a raiding vessel..."