Check Out More New Releases From Dark Sword Miniatures!

August 22, 2014 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures have shown off some more of their releases from Gen Con. There are over twenty in total so I’ve just picked out some of the ones I thought were the coolest – you can see the whole selection over on their webstore!

Hawk Treasure Hunter

Hedgehog Swashbuckler

Jessica - Keeper of the Glade

Male Cleric

Male Mage

There is a nice selection that covers plenty of different facets of our little hobby. I quite like the first miniature I pictured, Hawk the Treasure Hunter, followed by Jessica – the Keeper of the Glade and the final image here, the Male Mage. The range of characters Dark Sword have delved into is huge so you have plenty to choose from.

Take a look at their range and let us know what characters you’ll be picking up!

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