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Dave Graffam Ship Out Some Spaceport Containers


Dave Graffam Models recently released a new set of printable Spaceport Containers to litter around the scifi tabletop.

Build Yourself A New Saltbox House From Dave Graffam


Dave Graffam have been working on a new print and build kit for you to use in your Historical gaming. See what you think of the Saltbox House #2 which would be a great building to help expand upon a settlement…

The Time Has Come for Dave Graffam’s Paper Clock Tower


Dave Graffam Models have a new building for to print out and make as the perfect centre piece in a paper craft town; their second Clock Tower.

Dave Graffam Heads To Market With New Printable Terrain


If you’re a fan of Dave Graffam then you’ll be pleased to know that he has another printable piece of terrain for you to get stuck into. This time it’s a nice Historical/Fantasy piece with the Merchant of Rake’s Corner…

Gather Some Arrows from Dave Graffam’s Fletcher’s Shop


Dave Graffam Games have a new piece of printable terrain available to help expand your medieval era paper village as a Fletcher sets up shop to help provide the villagers with all the arrows they might want.

FREE Printable Terrain – Steampunk Building
FREE Printable Terrain – Steampunk Building (LINK UPDATED) www.davesgames.netClick here for your coupon code

Paving the Streets with Cobblestone Maps from Dave Graffam


Masterful new street maps from the paper king, Dave Graffam.

Backstage Download Apothecary

Apothecary Paper Craft Building for Backstagers


For all you fantasy & historical players here’s a download that’s sure to be of interest.

This is the Apothecary from davesgames.net which is sort
of the medieval version of a Boots Pharmacy.


Sci-Fi Bunker Kit Download for Backstagers


For all you fans of Sci-Fi with a Backstage Pass we have a treat for you this month. A free download of the Bunker Deluxe Kit from davesgames.net, a multi layered set of PDFs with various configurations.

New Wizards Shop from Dave Graffam Models


Here’s the latest release from Dave Graffam Models… the Wizard’s Shop at Rakes Corner.