Dungeons & Dragons Takes To The Dice Masters Battlefield

January 27, 2015 by brennon

WizKids have got another set for Dice Masters coming out later this year and it’s actually closer than you think! With February just a week away they’re launching Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun!

Battle for Faerun Dice Masters

Once again they’ll be bringing the simple but cool Dice Masters system to the tabletop with loads of iconic monsters and heroes from the world of Dungeons & Dragons and it’s 5th Edition. While it’s still just Dice Masters the real boon here is that it looks amazing!

D&D Dice Masters Starter Set

D&D Dice Masters Preview

As you can see above the card quality is looking brilliant with some awesome presentation. The dice are also looking very smart and hopefully the actual icons are going to be as cool as that – with a better quality that we’ve been seeing in the current crop of releases.

I really want to run an entire Dragon deck but I have a feeling that they’re going to be very expensive! Hopefully there will be some way to include Cultists and such however to bring them onto the battlefield. Can’t wait to see how all the other cards look.

Will you be getting this set?