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Dead Earth’s Stag & Bear Riders Mount Up For Battle

43 days ago 3

After their stint on Kickstarter Dead Earth Games has now added their Stag Riders & Bear Riders to their webstore for you to pre-order. Take a look…

Customise Your Gang With New Across The Dead Earth Supplement

215 days ago 1

Across The Dead Earth has a new supplement to download, free of charge, which expands upon the customisation of your gangs in this post-apocalyptic world. You can get Origins from their webstore…

Dead Earth Games’ Stag & Bear Rider Kickstarter Going Well

498 days ago 2

Dead Earth Games have gone ahead and smashed their target funding goal for the Stag & Bear Riders for use within their Fantasy world of The Shattered Crown or whenever else you’d like to use them!

Dead Earth Games Are Riding Stags & Bears Into Battle

517 days ago 8

Dead Earth Games are going to be back on Kickstarter on November 1st 2015 with a fundraiser to help make both the Bear Riders and Stag Riders a reality for their Fantasy game, The Shattered Crown…

Dead Earth Games Mount Up On Bears For Shattered Crown

549 days ago 4

Dead Earth Games have shown off one of their finished Bear Riders that will be the focus of a smaller Shattered Crown Kickstarter in the future. Their aim is to get a full unit of these ready for the tabletop…

Across The Dead Earth Gets Two New Survivors

617 days ago 3

The mercenary sisters Aysha and Nisha are the latest two survivors to make it into the world of Across The Dead Earth by Dead Earth Games. Complete with shotgun and assault rifle they are inseparable on the tabletop.

Ride To War On Bears With The Shattered Crown

622 days ago 6

Dead Earth Games have shown off the progress on another of their neat units coming to The Shattered Crown which is currently up on Kickstarter. If you like the idea of War Bears then you’ve come to the right place…

Princess Nave Khra Commands Her Armies In The Shattered Crown

628 days ago 2

The Shattered Crown is Kickstarting with nineteen days remaining on its campaign. With that in mind they’ve shown off the Princess Nave Khra on her War Stag. She will be commanding her bellowing hordes…

Dead Earth Games Kick Off Shattered Crown Fundraiser

635 days ago 5

Dead Earth Games have started their Shattered Crown Fundraiser on Kickstarter. This game, based in reality but with a fantasy edge, pits two rival nations against each other for command of the land. Infantry, heroes and more are coming as this project gets funded…

Dead Earth Games’ Shattered Crown Launches Friday 8pm BST

640 days ago 1

Dead Earth Games’ The Shattered Crown is going to be releasing on Kickstarter this Friday at 8pm. If you’re interested in this mythical fantasy world set within a world much like our own then keep an eye on Kickstarter…

The Stag Riding Princess Nave Khra Comes To Life For Shattered Crown

651 days ago 3

The world of The Shattered Crown is coming together nicely and the latest big project for them has been bringing the Princess Nave Khra to life. She rides into battle atop her Stag and you can see the render for her above in the video…

The Hellesburne Infantry Gather For The Shattered Crown

678 days ago 6

See how the basic infantry are looking from The Shattered Crown as they have been shown off in metal.

Dead Earth Games' Next Project Revealed: The Shattered Crown

Dead Earth Games’ Next Project Revealed: The Shattered Crown

704 days ago 11

Warriors join mighty armies to make a name for themselves and write their deeds into epic tales with The Shattered Crown, coming to Kickstarter soon from Dead Earth Games. Read more about the game within…

The Engineers Scout Ahead In Across The Dead Earth

788 days ago 5

Lock n’ load and head out into the wasteland with the Engineer Forward Expedition Squad. I wouldn’t want to come up against these well armed warriors in the post-apocalypse…

Dead Earth Games Present The Rough Guide Issue One!

811 days ago Comments Off

Learn more about the post-apocalypse with the launch of The Rough Guide from Dead Earth Games giving you information on the world, scenarios to play out, and a sneak peek at what’s coming in the future!