Great Escape Games Draw Wild Bill in Dead Man’s Hand

October 7, 2014 by dracs

In a game like Dead Man’s Hand the only thing a man can trust is the gun by his side and the fancy waistcoat on his back, much like the latest mini Great Escape Games have released for the game, Wild Bill.

Wild Bill

Wild Bill

Wild Bill here does not look like the sort of chap you want to cross when venturing through the American frontier. He may not seem all that imposing, but there is a definite confidence to the sculpt, and of course you should never trust anyone with long hair. Wild Bill looks every inch as though he could serve as the villain of a classic spaghetti western.

The model also comes with his stat card for Dead Man’s Hand, as well his own special play card that replaces a card in the player’s deck. However, since Justin and I are currently playing a campaign of Legends of the Old West, I’d be tempted to pick him up for that, though I don’t think he’d fit in with my Texas Rangers.

Do you like Western games? Would you consider letting Wild Bill join your posse?

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