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Plaid Hat Talk Dead Of Winter Expansion On Epic Gaming Night

458 days ago 1

Plaid Hat Games have talked about their new Dead Of Winter expansion called The Long Night which will make things ten times more difficult for the survivors in this awesome game.

Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Buddies Find Themselves In The Dead Of Winter

829 days ago 6

Wil Wheaton and friends get themselves stuck in a cold apocalypse surrounded by zombies. Do you think they will survive on this episode of Tabletop?

Plaid Hat Games Reveal Rules For Dead Of Winter

Plaid Hat Games Reveal Rules For Dead Of Winter

1216 days ago 7

Learn about the best ways to undermine your
friends and complete your secret objectives
with the rules for Dead of Winter
now online.

Plaid Hat Games’ Dead Of Winter Available For Pre-Order

1272 days ago 0

Will you be able to survive the Dead of Winter in the new game set to cause arguments and role-playing meta-gaming aplenty from Plaid Hat Games.