The Awesome Game of Deadzone is Now Up for Pre-Order!

November 3, 2013 by dracs

November is here and you know what that means: Mantic are releasing their new game Deadzone!

DeadZone Plague

The game, which sees you taking on the plague infestation in the urban evironments of Warpath, is now up for pre-order from Mantic’s webstore.

Deadzone Boxed Game

The game is available in different packages, depending on how much you are after and how much you are willing to spend, ranging from the standard boxed game to the pre-release collector’s edition.

Pre-Release Collector's Edition

Of course it is not just the boxed sets which are now up for pre-order as all the terrain, markers and the starter sets for the various factions are also available, as well as a number of special characters.

Marauders Starter Set

Scenery Upgrade Pack


Rebs Faction

Deadzone is a game which many of us have been looking forward to so I can imagine that many of you will be placing your orders soon. I for one cannot wait to try this game out. I think I would either play as the Rebs or the Plague itself.

Are you going to pick up Deadzone?