Deadzone’s Gaming Mat Is Unlocked Smashing $300,000

May 3, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games’ Deadzone has hit $300,000 and that has unlocked their brand spanking new gaming mat which will be added to all Strike Team pledges. Check it out…

Deadzone Gaming Mat

Deadzone Gaming Mat (Close-Up)

Some details on the mat itself… – It rolls up. – Doesn’t crease when it’s folded. – Doesn’t slip off the table. – It’s durable – you won’t get any tearing or fraying. – Can be put down next to other mats to form a 4’x6’ or 4’x4’ gaming area. So if you want to have a neat play area for Deadzone, and any other game you could think of, then it might be an idea to bump up those pledges. The future holds more stretch goals too like this fellow…

Shadrek Mal-Raz - The HelfatherA Sci-Fi Chaos Dwarf who will be selling his abilities to the highest bidder! Pretty awesome I say. Shadrek Mal-Raz will be available once the campaign gets to $315,000.

Also you can watch some gameplay videos for Deadzone above! How do you think the campaign is progressing?