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New Mousepad Dice Trays From Deep-Cut Studio


Deep-Cut Studio has come out with a line of portable mousepad dice trays to help out the gamer with a lot of dice.

Head Into The Underhive With New Deep-Cut Studio Mat


Building on their range of mats, Deep-Cut Studio is taking us down into the Underhive with their new mat design. As you might imagine, it’s kinda perfect for Necromunda.

Deep-Cut’s New Mat Lays The Foundations For A Concrete Jungle


Deep-Cut Studios have released their latest mat design, laying down the concrete on which you can build your battles.

DEEP-CUT STUDIO Add Grid Options To Their Custom Design Maps


DEEP-CUT STUDIO has gone a step further in bringing the ultimate customisable tabletop maps to gamers

Wander Through The Meadows With Deep-Cut Studio’s New Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has been showing off one of their new mats which is focused towards 15mm wargaming but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it larger scales too.

Deep-Cut Studio Print-O-Mat Turn Your Pics Into Game Mats


Deep-Cut Studio have launched a new service. Using Print-O-Mat, you can now turn your own pictures into a gaming surface.

Deep-Cut Fly Over A New Aerial Design Mat


Deep-Cut have released a second Aerial Battlefield, letting you swoop over the front lines to help bolster the men on the ground.

Deep-Cut Fly High With New Aerial Mat Design


Deep-Cut Studio has another fantastic mat for those of you looking to take to the skies for some dog fighting. See what you make of their newest Aerial Fields Mat.

Deep-Cut’s New Mat Creates the Gothic Atmosphere of Gotham


Deep-Cut Studio recently released a new mat seeking to recreate the dark and sinister atmosphere of DC Comics’ most famous city; Gotham!

Weekender: CMON Expo Update & Battling In Westfalia's Strongsword

Weekender: World Of Darkness Hits Berlin & Battling In Westfalia’s Strongsword


Back in the saddle talking
all things tabletop.

Grab DeepCut Studio’s Limited Edition Starburst Galaxy Mat


DeepCut Studio has put together another fantastic looking mat for you to use when you play out your space-based games on the tabletop. Here we have the Limited Edition Starburst Galaxy Mat.

Take To The Streets With Deep-Cut’s Walking Dead Mats


The team at Deep-Cut Studio has been working on some mats that are worthy of your Walkers from Mantic Games’ Walking Dead. See what you think of these Town Mats…

Head To The Night Coast With New Deep-Cut Orbital Mat


Deep-Cut has created a wonderful new mat for you to play your games of Dropfleet Commander on. See what you think of the Orbital Night Coast mat…

Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp – Sunday

Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp – Sunday

Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp – Saturday

Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp – Saturday

Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp Friday

Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp – Friday


Battle It Out During The Night With A New Deep-Cut Dropzone Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has put together another nice new mat for those who want to battle it out in Dropzone Commander. See what you think of this Night Cityscape.

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist


We’re delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

Head To Neo-Tokyo With New Deep-Cut Studio Mats


Deep-Cut Studio has put together a new mat for you to play out your Sci-Fi games on. The new design features a Neo-Tokyo design which would be awesome for building up an Infinity battlefield.

UPDATED* Black Friday Bonanza – Collecting Together The Deals!


It’s that time of year again as everyone gets utterly obsessed with Black Friday and we need YOUR help!