Deep-Cut Set Up Battlefields With New River & Road Tiles

June 17, 2016 by brennon

Deep Cut Studios have got some neat looking River & Road Tiles which are great for putting together a modular battlefield for you to play on. Take a look…

River Tiles

Their River Tiles come in two flavours where you to can look at creating a very standard looking river or one that is decidedly more dirty. I could see this a great way to design an interesting battlefield and rivers are always fun to use.

Dirty River Tiles

As well as the Rivers we also have Roads which can be used to design different landscapes for your Historical and Fantasy games. All you need are a few big buildings to line the roads and you’ve got a good table all set up.

Road Tiles

You have Dirt Roads, Tarmac Roads and Cobble Streets allowing you to create different layouts.

Tarmac Roads Tiles

Tarmac Roads might be useful for those of you looking to play some games set during the modern day. Imagine some new-age fighting taking place in Europe or America.

What tables will you be crafting?

"All you need are a few big buildings to line the roads and you've got a good table all set up..."