Deep-Cut Play Some Futuristic Football On Latest Mat

February 24, 2015 by dracs

Looks like its football season in the far future as Deep-Cut Studio release their latest terrain mat; a football pitch for the sport of tomorrow.

Futuristic Football Gaming Mat

As with all of Deep-Cut’s terrain mats, this football stadium features some great attention to detail. Each of the different play zones is well picked out, while the design itself gives the floor a textured appearance.

Futuristic Football Close

Futuristic Football Close

This mat is perfectly set up for games of Dreadball, using the hexagon grid style that characterises that fun game of scifi sport. However, Deep-Cut have said that it is slightly larger than you might expect, as the hexagons are each 33mm in size. This helps to make moving your minis and seeing where they have to go a bit easier for the player.

Futuristic Football Close

To my eye, Deep-Cut’s latest mat looks like the perfect gaming accessory for any Dreadball player, providing them with a stylish, portable, yet durable surface for their games.

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"The hexagons are 33mm in size to make moving your minis easier."