Deep-Cut Studio’s New Mats Take Us to the Darkwaters of the Ocean

January 21, 2015 by dracs

Deep-Cut Studio have come out out with two new 4×4 size mats for our sea based battles; the Ocean Mat and the Darkwaters Mat.

The Ocean Mat is relatively bright, and could represent tropical seas or shallows.

Ocean Theme Mat

Ocean Close

Of course, sometimes ocean battles might happen at night or in far less friendly waters, in which case you might find your fleet sailing across the Darkwaters mat.


Darkwater Close

These 4×4 non-textured mats are the perfect way to quickly set up a good ocean backdrop for some tabletop naval combat. Ocean battle games are becoming more prominent, with ones such as Dystopian Wars and Sails of Glory being particularly popular, so mats like these could be just what is needed to turn your table into the high seas.

Do you use gaming mats for your tabletop set ups?