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Defiance Games Size Up Their UAMC Hardsuits

1363 days ago 19

What do you think of the scale and these UAMC Hardsuits as a whole?

Defiance Games Look To Kickstart The UAMC Hardsuit

1433 days ago 8

Defiance Games are trying to get their Hardsuits funded through Kickstarter. It’s closing in on the target and the stretch goals look to be in sight.

Contain The Outbreak With Barriers From Defiance

1476 days ago 1

Defiance Games put up the barriers and keep you out, or in. What do you think of them?

Defiance Games Help Get Your Kit Transported Off World

1512 days ago 1

Looking for a naval terrain setting and a fight down on the loading docks? Try the Defiance Games Shipping Containers.

Defiance Unleash The Chinese On Their World Of Alien War

1525 days ago 4

Check out the new Chinese Troops that are now available from Defiance Games for their world of Alien War and beyond.

Defiance Games Bring The Chinese Into An Alien War

1538 days ago 3

Check out the new Imperial Chinese miniatures for Alien War by Defiance Games. What do you think of this latest faction?

Drive Out in Defiance’s Jack Rabbit

1568 days ago 8

When you want to get your troops to the fighting quickly and safely an armoured vehicle is the best way to go about it and Defiance have released just such a vehicle. Introducing the UAMC Jack Rabbit Fast Armoured Vehicle.

Take The Fight To The Enemy With Defiance’s Jack Rabbit FAV

1587 days ago 5

Check out some more vehicles but this time from Defiance Games. Will you be taking on Alien Wars in one of these Jack Rabbits?

Defiance Games Piece Together Their Mighty Mechs

1602 days ago 17

What do you think of these mighty mechs from Defiance Games? They really are taking shape it seems!

Something Mech-Like This Way Comes From Defiance

1609 days ago 6

A mighty looking foot has appeared on Defiance Games’ Facebook Page. Could this be the Mech we’ve all been waiting for?

Mount Up In Mechs With Defiance Games

Mount Up In Mechs With Defiance Games

1627 days ago 11

Get stomping around in Defiance Games with their concept art for a Mech design. Let’s hope this comes out sooner rather than later.

Defiance Games Ready The German Armour For Alien War

1736 days ago 11

Check out this piece of teaser artwork for a new German walker coming out in the future from Defiance Games.

The Germans Head Off to Alien War with Defiance Games

1783 days ago 4

Defiance Games have announced that the German Panzergrenadiers are out for sale now!

The Aleutian Worms Slime their Way into Alien War

1806 days ago 1

Defiance Games head to the swamps and find some deadly worms crawling from its depths.

Defiance Games Add Missiles to their Hardsuits

1826 days ago 13

What do you make of Defiance Games missile toting hardsuit?