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An Army Of New Miniatures Available For Demigods Evolution

624 days ago 7

The Demigods Evolution team have joined forces with Prodos Games and you can now grab a whole bunch of their models! There are loads of them to choose from as shown by their Kickstarter Page but we’ve picked out a selection of them that we think are worth focusing on…

Weekender: New 40k Content & The Age Of Sigmar Debate

Weekender: New 40k Content & The Age Of Sigmar Debate

773 days ago 144

Welcome to The Weekender.
In this episode we’re delving
into long forgotten
territory with the potential
of a Warhammer
40,000 Week.

Final Hours For Demigods Evolution On Kickstarter!

777 days ago 1

Demigods Evolution closes in on the final few hours of its Kickstarter campaign. With that in mind they have unlocked a whole bunch of new heroes and there is a vast array of different models to get within your pledge.

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain

780 days ago 360

Welcome to The Weekender! We’ve got some
cracking stuff for you today including a look
at some brilliant terrain.

Win All 4 Demigods Painted

Demigods Evolution Demo Game + Win All 4 Demigods Painted

784 days ago 166

Demigods Evolution Sculpt Up Israfel – Angel Of Song

788 days ago 2

Based on the Angelarium Kickstarter project Demigods Evolution have sculpted up Israfel, the Angel of Song for their Kickstarter campaign. She will now be available as a character for the game and she’s looking neat…

Check Out More Of The Alternative Sculpts For Demigods Evolution

Check Out More Of The Alternative Sculpts For Demigods Evolution

791 days ago 3

Demigods Evolution is knocking down Stretch
Goals on Kickstarter and so they’ve shown us
some of the fantastic alternatives you can use
when you build your heroes and warriors for
the game. See what you think of a selection
of them here…

Grab New Starter Sets For Demigods Rising Pitting Hero Against Hero

797 days ago 0

Demigods Evolution is still powering along on Kickstarter and this comes with some new benefits and bundles for you to have a look at.

Weekender: MiniWargaming Talk Youtube & Win 4Ground City Watchtower

Weekender: MiniWargaming Talk Youtube & Win 4Ground City Watchtower

801 days ago 315

Not only do we have
MiniWargaming Matt in the
studio talking Youtube and
Wargaming but you could
win yourself a 4Ground
City Watchtower!

More Models Get Painted Up For Demigods Evolution

801 days ago 4

Awaken Realms have painted up some more of the models for Demigods Evolution which is currently on Kickstarter. The models are looking great and hopefully this means we’re going to be seeing some more as time goes by…

Demigods Evolution Kicks Off Its Fundraising With New Multipart Heroes

804 days ago 2

Demigods Evolution is a new take on the Demigods Rising project where you get multipart heroes and more that can be assembled in a variety of ways to give them more options both as models on the tabletop and in-game with equipment choices and more…

Exclusive! Download Print & Play Kit For Demigods Rising

828 days ago 6

The folks behind Demigods Rising have put together quite the treat for you Beasts of War folks. If you wanted to give the game then you can download the full Print & Play Pack now…

Demigods Rising Heading Back To Kickstarter For New Models In Evolution

846 days ago 16

Demigods Rising is teaming up with Prodos Games to bring a new series of miniatures to their board game of diety-smashing battles. Check out some of the renders and miniatures showing off the multi-part resin kits coming to Kickstarter soon.

Many A Resin Hero Now Ready For Battle In Demigods Rising!

903 days ago 2

Demigods Rising has shown off a whole bunch of their pretty epic sculpts for the fantastic board game we checked out a while ago on the Weekender. See what you think of the selection!

Print & Play Options & Hero Renders For Demigods Rising!

1055 days ago 1

Delve deeper into the world of Demigods Rising with a whole bunch of awesome miniature previews and some great Print & Play options too!