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FireForge Show Off Cover Art For Their Burn & Loot Starter Set

27 days ago 6

FireForge Games have shown off the cover art for a new Burn & Loot Starter Set which will give you a range of miniatures to play out their Medieval skirmish game.

Skirmish In Deus Vult Soon With Burn & Loot Expansion

143 days ago 2

The minds at FireForge Games have another expansion on the way for the world of Deus Vult. See what you think of the Burn & Loot Expansion, the cover of which is below…

Command Your Medieval Rus Forces With Alexander Nevsky

325 days ago 5

FireForge have worked on their Medieval Rus collection some more and produced a look at how Alexander Nevsky will look when he hits the tabletop next year. He’s looking very commanding and comes with another of those very detailed shields…

FireForge Games Reveal Medieval Rus Infantry Commanders

332 days ago 6

FireForge Games have previewed some of the command models which will help build up their Medieval Rus infantry regiments in Dues Vult and beyond.

FireForge Puts Up New Releases For Pre-Order

358 days ago 3

FireForge Games is releasing some new Arab soldiers as well as Crusaders to answer that call from a high authority.

A Great Mongolian General Coming From FireForge Soon

365 days ago 4

Tsubodai or Subutai dependent on your origin was a masterful Mongolian general in the service of Genghis Khan and now he’s going to be available from FireForge to lead the rest of the horde on their rampage across Asia and Europe…

FireForge Look To Build An Army For Medieval Russian

374 days ago 14

FireForge are taking a leaf out of North Star’s book and launching their own pre-0rder program to fund a range of not only metal and resin miniatures but also plastic Medieval Russians. See what you think of some of their concept work below…

FireForge Games’ Arab Heavy Infantry March Out This November

378 days ago 9

FireForge Games are currently finishing off the sculpts for their upcoming blister pack of Arab Heavy Infantry and have announced that these warriors of the middle-east will be marching to war come November.

Fireforge Arab Archers Coming To Pre-Order Next Week

392 days ago 8

Fireforge Games have got their Arabic Armoured Archers at the printers and you’ll soon be able to pre-order them for your games of Deus Vult and whatever other Crusader era game you have in mind. See what you think of them ready to be painted below…

Arab Archers Gather As Next Resin Release For FireForge

411 days ago 4

The Armoured Arab Archers are going to be the next resin release from FireForge for their Deus Vult Crusader wargame. You can check them out below, showing off a variety of the different poses you’re going to get in the set.

A Hail Of Arrows Comes From FireForge’s New Archers

444 days ago 5

FireForge have now added the resin Crusader Archers to their webstore for pre-order. You get six different figures, seven different heads, and quivers. Pick your targets from the walls of your castle and bring them down in Deus Vult…

FireForge’s Arab Archers Line Up Their Shots

448 days ago 3

FireForge Games have shown off some more concept artwork for their Arab Armoured Archers which will be coming out in September as a series of blister pack releases in resin. Hopefully this nice detail translates over to the miniatures…

FireForge Pull Back Bowstrings With Crusading Archers

461 days ago 2

FireForge Games have shown off some previews of the upcoming Crusading Archers set that will be released for their Holy Wars era historical game Deus Vult. These are looking like some great models and will be available in resin. Hopefully we’ll see some plastic models as well at some point…

Deus Vult Teutonic Order & Novgorod Downloads Are Up!

877 days ago 2

Either join the Teutonic Order or head North and help the Republic of Novgorod with these new downloads from FireForge Games for Deus Vult…

Deus Vult Teutonic Order Download Available Soon

883 days ago 8

Are you going to join the Teutonic Order and head out to make some heretics pay with this download coming soon from FireForge Games?