Deus Vult Teutonic Order & Novgorod Downloads Are Up!

June 4, 2014 by brennon

We mentioned this not long ago but FireForge Games have now released the files for both the Teutonic Order and the Republic of Novgorod for use with Deus Vult. Check out the downloads HERE

Teutonic Order & Republic of Novgorod

The Teutonic Order will be stepping up to make sure all those heathens learn the truth of God and the Republic of Novgorod will be defending Russia from both Eastern and Western invaders alongside their hardy allies.

These sound like two neat army lists that will be great to use within the world of Deus Vult. I was doing a bit of reading up about the game and it appears to have some very cool mechanics involving generals and leadership which I thought were quite original.

Will you pick these up?