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The Bear Of Bretan Battles His Way Into Freeblades

21 days ago 5

DGS Games have added the raging Bear Of Bretan to their webstore for Freeblades. Take a look at him with twin axes in hand!

Haradelan, Bear Of Bretan Joins DGS Games’ Freeblades

45 days ago 4

DGS Games has added a new warrior to their Freeblades universe. Haradelan Bear of Bretan has all the axe wielding skill you could ask for to amp up your fight.

DGS Games Keep You Up To Date With New Freeblade Previews

76 days ago 4

Coming later this year a new faction will enter the world of Freeblades. Take a peek at them here.

DGS Games Preview New Starter Sets For Freeblades

117 days ago 1

DGS Games have previewed two new Starter Sets for Freeblades which include the dangerous Black Thorn Bandits and the stalwart Kuzaarik Forgers. their Dwarven addition to the game.

Something Is Taking To The Sky In Freeblades

143 days ago 1

It’s a bird. It’s a plane…It’s a…what is that?! DGS just may have a mounted pterodactyl in the works for Freeblades. Check out this awesome artwork and keep your eye out for more info.

DGS Offers Eight Great Reasons To Play Freeblades

155 days ago 6

There’s plenty of reasons to give Freeblades a try, but DGS Games has put together a nice list of 8 of them. From dynamic models to a nice price point, they’ve considered it all.

The Urdaggar Valkyrie Makes Her Way Into Freeblades Next Month

164 days ago 5

A new warrior is on her way into the realm of Faelon to join your Freeblades in their campaign. She is the Urdaggar Valkyrie, who is not only a beautiful sculpt, but brings a nice extra rule into your Freeband.

DGS Shows Off The Sculpt For The Azarim Scout

182 days ago 1

DGS Games is showing off a sculpt from their recently successful Kickstarter, Traazorite Crusaders. The Azarim Scout is ready to spring into action in your Freeblades game.

New Heroes & Beasts Coming To DGS Games’ Freeblades

198 days ago 2

Freeblades is a growing Fantasy game and DGS have some awesome plans for the future. With that in mind they shared some sneak peek images of an upcoming hero and monster for the game…

DGS Games Announces The Trilian Stargazer Available At Adepticon

213 days ago 4

DGS Games is adding some magic to the world of Freeblades with the Trilian Stargazer. This fellow will be available at Adepticon this week and is sure to add some wonderful spells and abilities to your adventuring party.

DGS’s Trilian Stargazer Gets Ready For AdeptiCon 2016

222 days ago 6

DGS Games are revving up for AdeptiCon in a couple of weeks and with that in mind they have Trilian Stargazer almost ready to start casting spells at the event and beyond…

Freeblades Previews The Packmaster For Traazorite Crusaders

238 days ago 1

DGS Games has a Kickstarter going on to fund their newest faction.

DGS Games Launches The Traazorite Crusaders Kickstarter

253 days ago 6

The world of DGS Games’ Freeblades is about get even bigger with their latest Kickstarter, Traazorite Crusaders: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures. This new project introduces new characters and creatures (ahem- DINOSAURS!) into their 32mm skirmish fantasy miniatures game.

The Freeblades Rules Companion 1.1 Now Available From DGS Games

260 days ago Comments Off

DGS Games has announced the Freeblades Rule Companion 1.1 is available on their site. Now you can get the rules and background on all the new Creatures of Faelon from their recent Kickstarter.

DGS Games Announce Date For Next Freeblades Kickstarter

284 days ago 2

DGS Games have announced that their Traazorite Crusaders Kickstarter will be launching in the middle of February on the 16th of the month. This will bring out their range of lizard riding Roman/Mayan-esque inspired miniatures…