Ships Take To The Seas In Expansion From DGS! Free Captains!

March 14, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

This year’s Adepticon has a lot of action on the high seas! Laser Dream Works is proudly bringing their new 28mm Medieval Cogs to the convention to feature in a Freeblades Expansion from DGS Games, Free Captains.

Laser ships

Laser ship1

Laser ship3

These photos show a Haradelan Crew on the red and white ship, a Black Rose Bandit crew on the green and white ship and a Falkaaran crew on the blue and white ship.

Laser ship2

You might even spot a crew of Urdagar Tribesman sneaking in on the action in one of the viking ships.

Care to try your miniature gaming on the high seas?