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Diehard Miniatures’ Eru-Kin Expansion Hitting Kickstarter Soon

324 days ago 8

Diehard Miniatures have been making some stunning models for use in your Sci-Fi and Fantasy games and they look set to continue the trend with a new Kickstarter launching on October 4th 2016.

Diehard Miniatures Sculpt Up The Amazonian Dwarves

392 days ago 8

Diehard Miniatures have previewed one of their Amazonian Dwarves that will be part of their Eru-Kin Kickstarter later this year in October.

More Strange Creatures Join The Collection By Diehard Miniatures

425 days ago 4

Diehard Miniatures continue to impress with their quirky and original miniature design as they showed off a couple of additional characters for their range.

The Eru-Kin Range Grows From Diehard Miniatures

438 days ago 3

Building on their Kickstarter the folks at Diehard Miniatures have now shown off another of their models for the mighty Eru-kin…

Diehard Miniatures Sculpt Up A Surly Dwarf Warrior

629 days ago 1

Diehard Miniatures are currently on Kickstarter looking for funding for their heroic 28mm range and one of their latest sculpts is for this surly Dwarf Warrior with axe and sword drawn ready to slay…

Diehard Miniatures Back On Kickstarter With Revamped Campaign

651 days ago 3

Diehard Miniatures have come back from their first try at Kickstarter with a revamped campaign which keeps the initial funding goal lower and keep some of the sculpts back for stretch goals. See what you think of the new set that forms the basis of the campaign…

Diehard’s Oldhammer Fantasy Kickstarter Begins

677 days ago 5

Diehard Miniatures have now begun their Kickstarter project to raise money for a whole range of ‘Oldhammer’ style miniatures for use in your mass battle games and role-playing adventures. There are a good deal of their factions and models already sculpted and painted but they have plans for a lot more…

Diehard Miniatures To Launch Kickstarter In October

687 days ago 4

Diehard Miniatures are going to be heading onto Kickstarter this October to fund their varied range of miniatures. They are going to be bringing together a rather awesome selection of monsters and heroes for your various games…

Diehard Miniatures Hitting Kickstarter In October

754 days ago 8

Diehard Miniatures are a new company coming to Kickstarter later this year in October. They have sent in some miniatures of us to take a look at that are both painted and in other stages of productions. See what you think of their handiwork so far…

New Company Diehard Miniatures Heading To Kickstarter This Year

821 days ago 7

See who Diehard Miniatures are and what kind of models they’re going to be making as they preview the Eru-Kin Warrior.