Diehard Miniatures’ Eru-Kin Expansion Hitting Kickstarter Soon

September 26, 2016 by brennon

Diehard Miniatures have been making some stunning models for use in your Sci-Fi and Fantasy games and they look set to continue the trend with a new Kickstarter launching on October 4th 2016.

Eru Kin

The Eru-Kin are their range of Oldhammer style Lizardmen that would be great for making small armies for use in wargames and as warbands in skirmish games too.

Eru-Kin (Alt)

As well as regular soldiers to help bolster your force they are also offering some character models (see above) too. You could use them as Command options for a larger regiment or a key character in a warband.

Skeletal Snakemen

A number of different options will be unlocked throughout the campaign giving you access to other characters and monsters too. However, the thing that drew my attention was that they have some Sci-Fi options too.

Scaley Sci-Fi

Taking some of their Lizardmen to space they’re making a range of heroes that would be useful in Osprey Games’ Rogue Stars where gangs fight for control of Sci-Fi cities and beyond.

Sci-Fi Eru-Kin

I really like their lizardfolk with this nice twist and I think the over the top cartoon look gives them that Guardians of the Galaxy feel too. They aren’t just working on reptiles, though…

Rogue Star Heroes

With all manner of other options open to you, it wouldn’t be hard to leap in on this Kickstarter and just pick and choose what you want, for the genre of game that you enjoy most.

So, while the focus is on the Eru-Kin as a Fantasy force I think the real gem here is exploring them as a Sci-Fi gang!

What do you think?

"Taking some of their Lizardmen to space they're making a range of heroes that would be useful in Osprey Games' Rogue Stars..."