More Strange Creatures Join The Collection By Diehard Miniatures

June 17, 2016 by brennon

Diehard Miniatures continue to impress with their quirky and original miniature design as they showed off a couple of additional characters for their range. We’ll begin by taking a look at the impressive Bog-Blood Toad Licker.

Bog-Blood Toad Licker #1

This chap is a wonderful creation that once again dwells in that realm of Oldhammer but with a twist of the new. I love the idea of a creature that embraces the need to lick a toad. I think it’s just an excuse really.

Bog-Blood Toad Licker #2

A wonderful sculpt that has plenty going on with it. While he dwells within the domain of ‘foot on rock’ at least they went out of their way to craft it into a nice stone that fits in with the aesthetic of the model.


Alongside the creation of the Toad Licker we also got a look at some of their Abominations. Here we have one of them who looks like he has been warped by strange magics.

Abomination #1

Abomination #2

Once again some wonderful character is shown off here and action too. The tentacles look like they are reaching out to lash at his foes and the big spiked arm will crush his enemies into paste. The leering skull is also very creepy looking!

Abomination Alt #1

There are also a range of different alternatives for you to look at for the Abominations with this tentacle-faced creature above and this chap below who looks like he is in the first stage of mutation.

Abomination Alt #2

Some very nice looking characters that would be great for those people who are developing Mordheim warbands still. They would be wonderful additions to a Possessed Warband.

What do you think?

"I love the idea of a creature that embraces the need to lick a toad. I think it's just an excuse really..."

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