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Grab New Discworld Death Bust & More From Micro Art Studio


Micro Art Studio has added a new Death bust to their collection of Discworld Creations along with a 15% discount on both their regular busts and the metallised versions until the 24th December 2016.

Like Discworld? Grab Micro Art Studio’s Mega Set


Are you a serious Discworld fan with a penchant for collecting? See what you think of the Discworld Mega Set then by Micro Art Studios which provides you with fifty models featuring characters from a range of stories set within this wonderful Fantasy universe…

Grab Some Free Miniatures From Micro Art Studio’s Discworld Range


If you want to get your hands on some free miniatures for Micro Art Studio’s Discworld range then you can head over onto their webstore and pick up a number of neat deals.

Send a Clacks to Pre-Order the New Discworld Board Game


Clacks, the new Discworld board game from Backspindle Games, has gone up for pre-order, providing you with the chance to climb the tower and become a legendary clacks operator.

Micro Art Sculpt the Bust of Discworld’s Premier Witch


Micro Art Studio have shown off the initial WiPs for their next Discworld bust, sculpting the face of Granny Weatherwax, the leader the witches don’t have.

Backspindle Games Send a Clacks With New Cover and Board Art


Backspindle Games have continued working on their new Discworld board game Clacks and are busy showing off the new art for the box cover and board.

Creator of Discworld Terry Pratchett Passes Away Aged 66


Sir Terry Pratchett, the author of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Discworld series, has sadly passed away due to complications with his Alzheimers.

Backspindle Games Return to Discworld By Clacks


Backspindle Games, the makers of the Discworld based board game Guards! Guards! are once again returning to Terry Pratchett’s fantasy world as they gave demos last weekend at Warpcon in Cork of their upcoming game Clacks.

Rincewind & Vimes Busts Get Metalised By Micro Art Studios


Some more Metalised Busts have come your way in the form of both Rincewind and Vimes from Discworld! See what you think of them and let us know…

Micro Art Make a Police Bust of Commander Vimes


Hooray! More Discworld! Micro Art Studio have come out with another bust of the famous fantasy characters, this time capturing the likeness of the Commander of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, His Grace the Duke of Ankh, Sir Samuel Vimes.