Dwarf Warriors, Surly Trolls & High Elves Soon From Divine Rage

February 27, 2015 by brennon

Momminaturas have added some really cool models to their Divine Rage webstore of late since the Dwarven Hero that we looked at not long ago. See what you think of both their Dwarf Warriors and a rather epic looking Troll

Dwarf Warriors

First are the Dwarf Warriors who are heavily clad in awesome looking plate mail with huge shields. I love those full body shields they’ve got for making rather awesome shield walls like you see above, a sight to behold on the tabletop for sure. These warriors rank up nicely and would be perfect for the likes of Ironbreakers of Longbeards in a Warhammer Dwarf force.

Troll (Front)

If you’re looking for something monstrous for them to fight then how about this rather massive Troll? Once again I think the sculpting work is great and they’ve captured quite a cool moment as the Troll is about to swing down and no doubt smash an entire front rank of your army. I’ve always liked the look of Trolls, Giants and Ogres and I reckon this chap in particular would make for a really awesome diorama.

High Elf Warriors #1

High Elf Warriors #2

As well as the Dwarfs and Trolls the team have also been working on some new High Elf Warriors to join the battle. These have been designed with a very resplendent theme, plenty of over the top armour, and some huge weapons to boot. Despite my love of the bearded ones I think these are pretty neat too and would make great Phoenix Guard for Warhammer Fantasy.

cpauls1 from the community has already picked up a few of the big beasts from these guys and he says their great so that’s a big thumbs up!

What do you think of the designs?

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