A New Unit Prepares Their Halberds for Divine Rage

November 12, 2015 by dracs

With all the dwarfs and elves appearing for Divine Rage, MomMiniatures are now taking the time to bring out a halberd wielding unit for the humans.


Halberdier Side

The halberd is an amazingly versatile weapon, suitable for dealing with both cavalry and infantry. Plus, being in essence a great big axe with two spiky bits, it looks rather intimidating. It is therefore unsurprising it has remained as something of a ceremonial weapon even to this day.

Halberdier Close

Halberdier Back

If this model is a sign of what a whole unit would be like, I think MomMiniatures will be producing some excellent sculpts. The detail is good and really caries across the image of a grizzled veteran of the battle field.

Of course, the pose might be considered a little dull, but its a halberdier, he’s hardly going to be flying through the air.

Do you like the stuff MomMiniatures are making? Would you choose to field a unit of this guy?

"Being in essence a great big axe with two spiky bits, [the halberd] looks rather intimidating..."