Go On A Voyage Of The Damned With Warlord’s Doctor Who

March 14, 2018 by brennon

Warlord Games have another new set now available on their webstore for their Doctor Who range. Here we have the 10th Doctor in a vignette set for Voyage Of The Damned

Doctor Who - The Voyage Of The Damned - Warlord Games

You might remember that David Tennant’s Doctor crashed into a Sci-Fi version of the Titanic and, as is always the way with Doctor Who, chaos ensued. As well as The Doctor in this set you also get Astrid Peth, Bannakaffalatta, and two Heavenly Hosts.

The models, whilst being collector’s pieces in essence, also have uses in the game too if you’d like to get them into Exterminate!

The Woman Who Lived

As well as this set I also wanted to direct your attention to this neat set, The Woman Who Lived, which features Maisie William’s character from the show.

Doctor Who - The Woman Who Lived - Warlord Games

Here are three different variants of her character from throughout time, and you might remember that her and Clara headed off on their own adventures.

Are you a Doctor Who fan who has been picking these up for your collection?

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"The models, whilst being collector's pieces in essence, also have uses in the game too if you'd like to get them into Exterminate!"