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Drabant Miniatures Draft In More Normans For The Invasion


Drabant Miniatures add to your Dark Age Norman army with some new Crossbowmen coming soon to their webstore.

Drabant Sort Out Their Troops For A Norman Invasion


It’s time to head over the channel and start taking on the Saxons as Drabant Miniatures put together a few more soldiers to become part of your Norman army.

Mounted Drabant Normans Charge Against Saxon Shields


Ride into battle alongside new Norman Knights and Archers from Drabant Miniatures.

Drabant Miniatures Add More To Their Dark Age Line


The Dark Ages are seeing some more bloody warriors thanks to the folks at Drabant Miniatures. What do you think of their latest haul?

Drabant Miniatures Ready The Normans For Invasion


Add the third army of the Dark Age triangle of violence to your collection with the new Normans coming out from Drabant Miniatures.

Drabant Miniatures Bring More Viking Heroes To Life


Drabant Miniatures have added some more Vikings to their historical range of figures. Some great additions to an existing army?