Drabant Sort Out Their Troops For A Norman Invasion

April 26, 2014 by brennon

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Drabant were going to be adding some Normans to their range of Dark Age warriors in 28mm scale and now they are up on their webstore and ready to go. See what you think of their Knights and Archers that will be harassing Anglo-Saxons across the fields…

Norman Knight #1

Norman Knight #2

Norman Archers

Above are two of their different sets of knights or indeed just mounted soldiers with spears and their characteristic long shields that would have been used to deflect incoming attacks as they rode up in quick probing attacks against Saxons shieldwalls. The way the shield was positioned on the arm and across the horse protecting rider and mount from harm.

Adding to the Saxon misery is a selection of archers who will be raining down sheets of arrows onto their lines from afar. Alas it doesn’t seem like they bought out any Crossbowmen yet but these bows look just as deadly. Maybe one of these enterprising soldiers shot Harold in the eye?

Will you be grabbing these?