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Winter Sales Watch – Found Any Good Bargains Online?

637 days ago 55

Just like last year now is the time where we start to see a lot of the bargains popping up online in time for Christmas. We’ve collated a few of them but this is by no means all of them…

Dragon Forge Design Announces Next Kickstarter for Tech-Deck Bases

813 days ago 1

Dragon Forge Design is taking to Kickstarter this month to seek help getting out there next set of bases.

Dragon Forge Design Base a Broken Wasteland

965 days ago 4

Dragon Forge Design released a new set of bases this month which leave our miniatures stranded on the parched earth of a Broken Wasteland.

Ancient Ruins II Base Series Will Help Set the Scene For Your Mini

1032 days ago 2

Now you can capture the visual effect of ruins in the Ancient Ruins II Base Series Kickstarter by Dragon Forge Designs. They have bases in a wide range of sizes as well as objective markers, sure to add character to your game!

Dragon Forge’s Bases Crack Up

1556 days ago 1

Dragon Forge have previewed some new bases which will have the world cracking apart under your models feet.

Dragon Forge Base Us in Az-Tech Times

1570 days ago 2

Dragon Forge’s new range of Mesoamerican style bases are now available for you to use with your miniatures. Here are just a couple of the scales that are now out.

Dragon Forge Send Your Minis Down a Rocky Path

1586 days ago 0

Dragon Forge are going to bringing out a couple of new Slate bases to send your miniatures over the rocky roads of the battlefield.

Steampunk Your Miniatures with Dragonforge Design

1806 days ago 1

Check out these awesome Steampunk bases from Dragonforge Design!

Fighting in the Far Future with Dragon Forge Bases

1820 days ago 1

What will you be using these bases for in your wargaming?

Dragon Forge Design Travel to a Desecrated Land

1866 days ago 1

Dragon Forge Design take you on a trip to a ruined and blasted land.

Dragon Forge Burn Rubber with New Bike Bases

1887 days ago 2

Dragon Forge Designs hit the road with some new bases.

Dragon Forge Designs Bring out the Jackhammer

1894 days ago 3

Dragon Forge Designs get you sorted with some extra conversion bitz!

From Deserts to the Icy Kingdoms with Dragon Forge Designs

1918 days ago 2

Dragon Forge Designs take you on a journey with their variety of scenic bases.