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Get In On Drakerys as the Pledge Manager Heads Out


The Pledge Manager for Drakerys’ Kickstarter has headed out to all its backers and gives you a chance to customise your orders, or hop on board if you didn’t get the chance to pledge.

Don’t Panic Games Show Ashral Champion of the Ancients


Don’t Panic Games are still working on Drakerys with the pledge manager coming to backers of the Kickstarter soon. Until that comes though, check out their latest work on Ashral, Champion of the Ancients.

The Orc Ragnor Brings Destruction to Drakerys


A new update has appeared for the game of Drakerys, bringing us the latest WiP images of the orc hero Ragnor, the Scourge of Koban.

Drakerys Fantasy Kickstarter Now Over!


500% funded and still going! See what you think of some of the latest unlocks for the world of Drakerys as it closes in on the final few hours of it’s Kickstarter. [Kickstarter Now Finished!]

Get in a Flap as Drakerys Drags Out a Dragon!


There is less than a week left on the Drakerys Kickstarter, but something big has just awoken in it. Be ware, for here be dragons!

Learn the Basics Behind Drakerys in These New Vids


Drakerys has been met with a huge level of success on Kickstarter, and to give gamers an idea what to expect from it they have released a set of gameplay videos taking us through the basics behind it.

Drakerys Lord it Over the Four Elements of Kickstarter


Drakerys has headed to Kickstarter and has already managed to get itself fully funded! Now it is time to work on the stretch goals, which include the four overlords of the elements.

Drakerys’ Takes a Shot at Some Irosian Bowmen


The bow can be a highly effective weapon, even in the hands of the relatively inexperienced, hence why the conscripts of Drakerys’ Irosian faction can be seen taking up archery.

A Legendary Adventurer Explores Drakerys


Don’t Panic Games have previewed the first of three legendary adventurers who will be taking to the world of Drakerys. Black wings spread as Lorn enters the battle.

Start Quoting Conan as Barbarians Invade Drakerys


It’s time to don your furs and leathers and stat asking one another what is best in life, as the latest Drakery’s concept art shows that the Barbarians will be invading this fantasy world.