Draw Lab Has The Coolest Dice Thrower You Never Knew You Needed

July 15, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

I know there’s mixed camps on dice towers- it’s pretty much a love it or hate/no middle of the road stance. But after you check out the latest Kickstarter from Drawlab, you may just become a fan. They have taken to Kickstarter with theirLegendary Dice Throwers project.

Legendary throwers

Yes, I said dice THROWERS. If you’ve ever wondered what to get that gamer friend of your who has everything already…well, this is it. These are the dice throwers that you never knew you needed!

Legendary catapult1

These guys have managed to harness not only the fantasy theme brilliantly, but have incorporated the mechanics as well!  This project features three varieties of dice throwers- a Catapult, the Hammer and the Crossbow.

Legendary catapult2

The Catapult features horses cut into the wood and is themed beautifully for any siege effort to send your dice flying (hopefully in your favor).

Legendary hammer1

The Hammer is themed around Norse mythology and really shows off some lovely detail as it brings the proverbial hammer down to throw your dice.

Legendary hammer2

And lastly, is a fantastic Crossbow themed around the famed Elven crossbow.

Legendary crossbow1

Legendary crossbow2

It’s comes with elven inscription and most impressively literally shoots your dice into the tray!

What do you think of these uniquely clever Dice Throwers?

"...If you've ever wondered what to get that gamer friend of your who has everything already...well, this is it!"

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