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Get The Lowdown On All New DreadBall Stuff From Ronnie & Mantic!

2 days ago 0

See how both DreadBall Xtreme and Season 4 are shaping up from Mantic Games with a look at some interesting background to the game and a video from Ronnie and Luke!

DreadBall Xtreme Now Up For Pre-Order – Start Smashin’ Stuff!

8 days ago 4

It’s time to throw a ball around and kick some heads in with the addition of DreadBall Xtreme to the pre-order area of the Mantic store!

DreadBall Goes XTreme This Friday From Mantic Games

10 days ago 4

It’s nearly time to get down and dirty with DreadBall Xtreme as it goes up for pre-order on Friday from Mantic Games. Will you be sending the Convicts out to scrap with the Asterians?

New Teams & All-Stars Take To The DreadBall Season 4 Pitch

12 days ago 8

Some more teams and a clutch of Fan Favourite MVPs have popped up for DreadBall and they’re all looking very cool indeed. Which of the new teams are you going to play alongside?

Weekender XLBS: Kicking Off DreadBall Season 4!

Weekender XLBS: Kicking Off DreadBall Season 4!

15 days ago 85

We’ve got Curis from Mantic
Games over to talk all
about the new season of
DreadBall which is going
to introduce new teams,
new rules and plenty
more. There’s no
stopping this Sci-Fi
Sports Game.

Mantic’s Ronnie Renton Talks All Things DreadBall In 2015

22 days ago 3

It’s time to take to the futuristic fantasy football field once again this year and Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games gives us a run down of what we can expect over the next few weeks and months.

A Year Of DreadBall From Mantic Kicking Off With Season 4!

25 days ago 3

DreadBall Season 4 is kicking off soon from Mantic and there’s a whole bunch of teams and more for you to look forward to!

Airbrush Pre-Shading Basics: Battlezones Dreadball Dugouts

Airbrush Pre-Shading Basics: Battlezones Dreadball Dugouts

34 days ago 22

Brian of Anarchy Models is back with us in the studio to show off some more airbrushing techniques. This time we are taking a look at the basics of pre-shading.

Weekender XLBS: The End Of Warhammer Fantasy As We Know It?

Weekender XLBS: The End Of Warhammer Fantasy As We Know It?

64 days ago 113

Happy Sunday! We’re continuing the
Mantic Games chat into XLBS where
we sit down with Andrew of
Purple Guerrilla who have
been working away on the
Mantic Digital Apps that
you can use to help with
all your tabletop
gaming needs.

    Air Brushing Your Battle Zones Dread Ball Pitch!

    Airbrush a Battlezones Dreadball Pitch

    65 days ago 12

    Warren sits down with Brian of Anarchy
    Models and shows you how to airbrush
    an awesome DreadBall pitch that looks
    like it’s been dragged straight from the
    coolest of Sci-Fi movie!

    Mantic Show Some Scenery for DreadBall Xtreme

    88 days ago 3

    DreadBall Xtreme is on the way and with it will come plenty of bits and pieces to litter the sports game of the future with, some of which Mantic have just shown off.

    Mantic Preview The Free Agents & Sponsors Of DreadBall

    93 days ago 2

    When you’re playing brutal sports games in the future you’re going to need someone to bankroll the whole thing. See what you think of the Sponsors and Free Agents coming to DreadBall soon.

    Mantic Games’ DreadBall Goes Digital

    120 days ago 0

    Mantic Games releases a digital version of the Dreadball rulebook along with some other digital goodies.

    Fantasy Football Has Some New Players

    125 days ago 2

    Looking for some new bodies for your fantasy football team? Take a look at these from RN Estudio.

    Limited Edition DreadBall Pitch Azure Primalball VIII!

    232 days ago 11

    Mantic Games’ limited edition limited quantities DreadBall expansion set is now up for pre-order! Will you be getting yourself a new pitch and players?