Mantic Games Help you take DreadBall on the Road!

August 31, 2012 by brennon

As if the main boxed game wasn’t enough Mantic Games also have a variety of different accessories coming out to add to your DreadBall experience. Check out the first surprise, this utterly awesome looking Premium Acrylic Hex-Board!

Hex-Board Completed

Hex-Board Components

As you can see this alternative to the main gaming board not only retains that Sci-Fi look but also breaks down into easily transportable components so you can cart it around to your local gaming club or mates house.

This will be great to have alongside your standard board, allowing you to have multiple games on the go at once. Let’s get that league table sorted and start picking the teams now!

DreadBall Kickstarter

So don’t forget to go show some support for DreadBall and grab this awesome new board in the process. The creator of the game Jake Thornton also has a great blog which you can go to and check out more in-depth discussion on this Sci-Fi sports game…


The official website for the game is also properly live now so go check it out as a hub of all things DreadBall.

What team are you supporting?