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Drop Tactics: Calling In The Demolition Experts

12 days ago 6

Today Warren rolls into the studio with Simon from Hawk Wargames to talk about Demolition Experts in Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics XLBS: Drilling Behind Enemy Lines

12 days ago 7

What’s that coming out of the ground?! It’s a Drill and it’s time to get tactical with it!

Drop Tactics: Alpha Strike Options

26 days ago 8

Join us for another round of Drop Tactics as we look at the Alpha Strike Options available to you in your games of Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics XLBS: Death From The Skies

26 days ago 7

We’re turning our attention to the skies with this Drop Tactics XLBS episode and take a look at what your flyers can do on the tabletop in Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics – PHR Apollo Jump Jet Ambushing

318 days ago 3

For this episode of Drop Tactics we leap buildings in a single (jet assisted) bound as we take a look at how the PHR’s Apollo Strike Walkers can ambush opponent from above in your games of Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics XLBS – PHR 1500 Point Tournament List

318 days ago 7

You’ve seen the PHR in action but what would an army list for them comprise of? In this video Simon from Hawk Wargames sits down with Warren to cover a 1500 point tournament list for this faction.

Drop Tactics – Effective Prowling With The Scourge

360 days ago 2

In this edition of Drop Tactics we focus on the Scourge and their pack of molten plasma spewing Prowlers, small walker units that can also scout rival Dropzone Commander armies.

Drop Tactics XLBS – Scourge 1500 Point Tournament List

360 days ago 4

We’ve shown you how the Scourge Prowlers can get in on the action and Simon from Hawk Wargames sits Warren down to take a look at a 1500 point tournament Dropzone Commander army list for the Scourge.

Drop Tactics – Grappling With Shaltari Wall Climbing

402 days ago 2

If you’re a Dropzone Commander player with a Shaltari army you need to check out this edition of Drop Tactics. We’re showing off a cool technique that Shaltari Battle Strider’s can use to gain an advantage on opponents; wall climbing!

Drop Tactics XLBS – Shaltari 1500 Point Tournament List

402 days ago 4

We’ve shown Shaltari players a cool technique for getting the drop on your enemies and now Simon from Hawk Wargames sits down with Warren to go through a 1500 point tournament list for this Dropzone Commander army.

Drop Tactics – UCM Condor & Longbow Tactics

437 days ago 10

We have not one but two Dropzone Commander UCM units to look at in this episode of Drop Tactics. We have the dual tank carrying the Condor Medium Dropship and the Smart Smoke deploying Longbow Howitzers.

Drop Tactics XLBS – UCM 1500 Point Tournament List

437 days ago 11

UCM players, we have a video that will be right up your street, as Warren and Simon from Hawk Wargames create a 1500 point list perfect for Dropzone Commander tournaments. How will it differ to Warren’s?

Drop Tactics – Launching Drones From The UCM Ferrum

472 days ago 6

We could have titled this video “Warren’s Favourite Episode” as we look at how his Dropzone Commander UCM army can utilise the Ferrum and the Starsprite Drones which they launch. Watch to find out what happens when the Drones combine their shots.

Drop Tactics XLBS – Blasting UCM Drones Out Of The Sky

472 days ago 2

The Drones launched by the UCM Ferrum can be tricky to deal with, so with that in mind we discuss what Scourge, Shaltari & PHR players can do to ensure that they can destroy them successfully in their games of Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics – How To Control The Mighty Hades

514 days ago 3

We take a look at the behemoth of the PHR army; the Hades Super-Heavy Walker and discuss how Dropzone Commander players can utilise this beast and its tail mounted Super-Heavy Rail Repeater to terrorise opposing forces.